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Expand organic farming globally by digital transformation.

Not to mention delicious、 We provide safe foods cultivated while carrying out circulating organic resources.

Happiness for some people who are happy to eat foods and crops we produce.
Happiness to thank the people who make those crops.
Happiness of meeting people who eat crops and foods we produce.
Our dream is to increase people with happiness and smile through organic farming.

Circular business

Japanese poultry farms are having trouble disposing of surplus chicken manure.

There are 240 million chickens in Japanese, and their foods are imported from overseas such as United States and Brazil. Birds do not have a very good digestive function, so 70% of them, including water, become manure. 2.5 million tons of chicken manure and incineration ash are produced annually.

※The manure of the egg-laying chicken becomes fermented chicken manure fertilizer, Edible chicken manure are fertilized by the ash left over from burning as fuel for thermal power generation. In Japan, chicken manure is regarded as industrial waste, so poultry farmers have no choice but to fertilize chicken manure and sell it. However, In Japan, fertilizer demand is only in spring and autumn. Except for these two seasons, there are lots of surplus chicken manure fertilizer at farm so how to treat and deal with these surplus fertilizer is a big problem and issue to farm.


Exporting surplus chicken manure fertilizer. Importing crops by using chicken manure fertilizer we export.

Global technology transfer

Organic farming technology is not deeply penetrated in Vietnam.

Japan export the largest amount of chicken dropping fertilizer to Vietnam. Vietnam import chicken manure fertilizer about 100,000tons per year from Japan. But organic cultivation technology is not much spread over the Vietnam.

Our company work with Vietnam’s Farmers’ Union, (state-owned farming organization), from 2017 to 2019 and held seminars about organic farming and cultivation several times.

Digital transformation of Organic Cultivation

Digital transformation of Organic Cultivation

Seminars and training in Vietnam which can’t be held because of Covid 19.

The app provides information of organic cultivation and show farmers when and how many quantity fertilizer famer should use according to the scale of cultivation and place and what kind of crop famer cultivate. And sell chicken manure fertilizer in this app.  At the same time, we also sell organic pesticides.

A cultivation diary and a farm tool are also sold in this app.

The fertilizer sold in this app is fermented organic chicken fertilizer and fly ash exported from Japan. 

After importing these chicken manure fertilizer and fly ash into Vietnam, mix with coconut husk ash and deliver it to farmer through the Vietnam Farmers’ Union.

Digital transformation of Organic cultivation What you can do with this app (agrich) Cultivation guidance、fertilizer , pesticides and farm equipment sales、 Preservation of cultivation records and traceability data

Elimination of gap

Vietnamese farmers are poor.

The average monthly income of Vietnamese farmers is 20,000yen.  In particular, ethnic minorities are poor.

We buy their crops cultivated by using Japanese organic fertilizer and import it to Japan.

Sometime, our company donate fertilizer to Vietnam farmers Union and they sell it and get cash. After that they rebuild their homes by spending these money.

Spread of export crops、Fair trade Donation for farmers